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EAP & Counseling Associates, PLLC has been providing mental health services to company and organization employees and their families since 2002 and looks to provide the best quality service and assistance to individuals and families possible. 

We care about people and want to assist if there is a problem or concern with which we can be helpful.  In addition, this is a FREE service to employees of contracting companies and is provided at NO COST to the employees and their family members.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for services through EAP-C, contact your Human Resources director or look for posters and information rack cards at your workplace.  Our services are CONFIDENTIAL and no one need know you are coming for an appointment.  If you do come for assistance, your identity will remain confidential.

Deciding to ask for help is sometimes difficult but EAP-C makes it easy to begin by simply calling our 24 hour/7 day call line to speak with a medically trained professional.  The person will ask for your name and contact information and reason for calling.  A representative from EAP-C will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a convenient appointment time for you or your family.  Normally, calls are returned during regular daytime hours between 8am and 8pm however, if there is a better time to call for you, please let us know. 

Appointments are arranged around YOUR schedule and if you work rotating shift hours or regular 8am-5pm, we can find a time convenient for you.  Call today for an appointment if you believe we can be of help to you and/or your family.